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What is Style?

Updated: May 16, 2021

May it would be easier to start with what style is not:-

  • it is NOT about going out and buying the latest 'trend'

  • it is NOT about an endless closet stuffed full of a great array of clothing

  • it is NOT about needing a large budget

  • it is NOT about having the perfect body, height etc....


It is about knowing yourself,

It is about being at peace with yourself, your body and all its beautiful uniqueness

It is about releasing and celebrating your personality

It is about knowing what you enjoy wearing and feel most like yourself in, that truly represents you

It is about complimenting and flowing with your gifted shape


Grab a quiet moment and ask yourself some questions that will help reveal what YOUR personal style is

  1. How is your body shaped? Is it an A shape or V, are you more oval or rectangle?

  2. Think of the styles the you are most drawn to (a tip here is to make a Pinterest board, after awhile you will see similarity in everything you pin). Are you arty, playful and colourful or minimal or neutral? Are you drawn to classic cuts or relaxed lounge wear?

  3. Don't forget to think about your lifestyle. What fills your day to day? Beautiful evening gowns and heels are all very gorgeous but don't always fair well at preschool drop off or the office.

  4. Finally take a look at your closet, what do you love wearing? What makes you feel great every time you put it on? Is it the colour or cut or both? This will help give you clues to the sort of items that reflect your personal style.

How we dress is simply one of the ways our personal style is reflected but for most women often one of the most painful. Style is attained when we have the confidence to dress in a way that make us shine. When we start to discern what we love to wear and it expresses our personality, is in harmony with our body and suits our lifestyle, the process of getting dressed moves from something we dread to a pleasure and joy as growing into a woman of style becomes simples.

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