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STYLE FRUSTRATION??? - This might be why!

There are times when we go through a style frustration...a rut...where nothing seems to work, feel good or represent who we are. We find ourselves tearing our hair out standing in front of our wardrobe, maybe even thinking I'd rather go back to bed or Netflix binge instead of fighting the battle to dress for 'that' event.

There are a couple of simple reasons why you might be having a style frustration.

1. You don't know your shape!

Knowing YOUR body's unique shape helps to choose styles that compliment, balance proportions and sit comfortably on your body. While you don't NEED to dress slavishly to a particular shape, knowing it gives you understanding and power to CHOOSE with confidence to wear your style.

2. You don't know your style personality!

Just as we have a unique shape we have a unique personality as well that is reflected in the we like to dress. Often we don't take the time to reflect on what we actually like to wear, what represents us. Do you like colour or neutrals, prints or plain, classic or edgy styles or even a mix of both? Taking some time investigating what inspires you, what you like and what you would actually wear helps us to make better choices when purchasing a new outfit item.

3. You are dressing for someone else!

This is the voice in your head whenever you get dressed or shop. Is it media and 'trends', a well meaning parent or friend? Sometimes our clothing choices are dictated by what 'OTHER PEOPLE' think we should wear because that's what THEY would wear. Maybe you were told not to wear colour or to only wear skinny jeans, things people have said to us because it's not their style personality. I have been here and purchased items that may have looked good on me, as the friends, shop assistant etc have said but the item wasn't REALLY ME.

4. You are stuck in another time!

Sometimes in life we get stuck in a style that no longer reflects who we are today. It maybe something from our teens or pre-children days. It maybe that our lifestyle has changed but our style has not changed with it and what we once owned is no longer functional for us, like the person who is now working from home more than from an office, running around after toddlers or has returned to work after a period of away time. Or maybe your have just grown in who you are, your mind values and goals.

5. You are not where you want to be!

Are you going through some sort of life transition time like having a baby, loosing weight, health issues that have changed your shape. It's important to acknowledge where you are at now and to invest in now. To purchase a few flexible quality items that lift you in the 'NOW' while on a journey to the next stage.

6. You have too many clothes!

When our wardrobes are filled with clothes from now to ten years ago, that may or may not fit, are from every season, clothes we may or may not like or are tired and in need of retiring it can cause confusion and overwhelm. We may feel we have so many but in reality the amount we wear is small and on rotate. It's time to have a wardrobe edit.

7. You don't have enough clothing!

Either from being uncertain of what items to purchase that suit your style, shape, lifestyle and personality or from not giving the time to editing your wardrobe and seeing the gaps or mindfully purchasing items that will compliment your current pieces.

Feeling frustrated with our style and the way we dress can be very real and often leaves us feeling 'blah' for the day by taking some time to really consider these 7 points we can zero into what it is that fuelling that frustration, address and start dressing to our best beautiful selves.

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