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I'm a huge fan of shopping your closet first before going and purchasing something new. It's exciting to see how we can revamp our outfits simply by gaining some style inspiration (my personal favourite is Pinterest) and creatively inventing new looks for old items in our closet.

My item of choice for this closet shop is a pair of wide-leg jeans I purchased from Target 18mths ago. I love wide leg pants and at the time the only place I could find to purchase them was from overseas for more than I was willing to pay so I was super excited to find these for $40.

Wide-leg pants are complimentary to almost any body shape, they can add length to your legs and are super comfy. There are a few things to think about, super high-waisted can give some a 'pregnant' look and unless your tall and lean, shirts should be tucked in or you may end up feeling 'boxy'. Also you may want to consider getting them taken up if they are dragging to much (and you are not wearing heels with them) or you may end up with the a shortening affect instead of the desired lengthening.

So this is my 'shop my closet'. I used inspirational images from Pinterest and items sourced only from within my closet.

I've included a photo of the Jeans, my style inspiration photos from Pinterest and the items of clothing from within my closet the reflect the look I was after.

This is also an example of the format (usually without the Pinterest photos) that is included in a Wardrobe Edit session with me. It will be sent to you in PDF format for you to use on your smart device or to print, so that choosing your style is simple.

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