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Updated: May 16, 2021

How often have these words been screamed from within, as you stand in front of the (sometimes very full) closet, mostly with little time to spare.

So we grab the same old, same old faithful.

We don't love it.

It's looking a little 'tired'.

We don't even really feel great in it'll do.

We probably need to go shopping for something 'new' but shopping can seem overwhelming and confusing


we get carried away with the 'options'. Either way, we often end up with another purchase that doesn't fill the need, compliment our true style or make us shine.

There are 5 simple steps we can take that will help us to make better purchases, saving us time, money and internal tantrums.

  1. Spend some time understanding your own unique beautiful body shape. This will help when choosing clothing and styles that will compliment and enhance you.

  2. Spend some time discovering what your unique style essence and personality is. What do you love wearing? What makes you feel great every time you put it on? What do you feel truly reflects who you are?

  3. Spend some time organising your closet. Cluttered and over filled closets make it harder to see what we own. By separating the summer/winter, the too big/small clothing, the worn out, tired or 'broken' clothes, we can better see and know what we actually have to wear.

  4. Spend some time playing 'dress-ups'. Take the time to mix and match the clothing we own, teaming up different items together to create a new style. Use sites like Pinterest to re-imagine your clothes and take photos of the new looks so you don't forget.

  5. Spend some time creating a shopping list of what is needed to compliment your existing closet and 'fill-the-gaps'. Your shopping will become more purposeful and the options become less overwhelming.

Taking the time on these 5 things can really help reduce stress and money another 'less than' purchase that doesn't suit or compliment who we are. Because style should be simple and enable us to shine us best self.

And of course if you require any more help, you may contact me at Simply Style and we can walk through this together.

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