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HOW TO.....

......look more stylish without changing your outfit!

Ever wondered how some women just look stylish without seeming to put much effort in, sometimes when you look at what they actually are wearing you wonder how they look so good when nothing seems to match or it's boxy and baggy and yet they shine anyway. I think it's because they practice these very simple ideas:-

  • SMILE - " THE BEST ACCESSORY ANY GIRL CAN WEAR IS HER SMILE" - unknown . A smile has the ability to transform your look and make you feel good. According to a post on Psychology Today a smile actually makes you better looking, people see you as '...attractive, reliable, relaxed and sincere', it also releases all the 'feel-good' neurotransmitters - bodies natural pain relievers and anti-depressants. There is even some evidence that forcing a smile has the same affect. Sounds like a good reason to smile.

  • STAND TALL - standing or sitting with good posture just doesn't affect our body but also our mind and how we think about ourselves. Studies have found that when we practice good posture we don't only look more confident to others but we actually feel more confident about ourselves, we have more positive thoughts about ourselves. Where as slouching has a negative affect on our body and our thoughts - so lift that head and stand tall.

  • DRESS UP - okay so you don't have to dress like you're going to walk the red carpet. But it has been discovered, through the pandemic, with many working from home that it is important to maintain good self care routines for mental health and productivity. Simply spending some time on the daily routines of showering, doing your hair, freshening your face (with or without makeup) and dressing in a way that makes you feel good about yourself, can improve the way we function, our productivity and our confidence.

  • LIKE YOURSELF - both you and your body. We are all unique beautiful people, all of us have things we wrestle with but all of us have gifts that are uniquely ours from life experiences, personality traits, talents and creativity - you are the only one who has lived your life and there are gems of beauty there and much only you can offer. Likewise are bodies are unique and tell a story that is exclusive to us alone and that should be respected and celebrated.

"A woman's body journey is ever changing.

You need to look at your reflection in the mirror and smile today,


and the next day.

Be present with how your body looks right now."

- Kristen Todd, Style Sessions

No body is perfect but each one has it's own special beauty, spend some time recognising yours - there is always something, celebrate you!

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