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This is one of the most valuable things you can do for making style simple and now that winter is truly here it's the perfect time.

This editing process helps in 5 ways:

  1. It helps stop the overwhelm. Opening the closet door and only seeing chaos helps create that 'I've got nothing to wear' feeling.

  2. It helps us to see what we ACTUALLY own.

  3. It helps us to see what we are drawn to and reveals our style personality e.g. colours we like, skirts vs pants etc

  4. It helps us to see the gaps and what we need to get (now that we can see we already own 10 white T's)

  5. It helps getting dressed simpler and quicker as we know what's there works for and represent us.


Editing your wardrobe is a process that takes time.

There are 2 ways to approach this process - break it down into stages over days/weeks

- put aside a chunk of time and get it done

As I only have a 1.5m size wardrobe (sighs with dreams of a walk-in) this is a process I have done myself a few times and I can confirm it can be a big process but well worth it. It's also something that I do regularly. I recommend as 4 times a year with the change of seasons.


There are some things you need to do before editing anything.

- Fold and hang what you can. This makes everything easy to see.

- Have a full length mirror...somewhere you can access.

- If you have a roller rack or clothes dryer rack you can hang things on will make it easier.

- Spend some time thinking about your day to day lifestyle. How is it spent? Work, kids, sport etc. This will be important when editing. A wardrobe full of ball gowns when all that you do is school drops offs and work probably won't work - unless your particularly flamboyant in which case fantastic.


This point can be confronting and difficult.

If you can have everything visible so you can see what you own.

Separate out

  • any out of season clothes and box or put away until next season

  • anything that does not fit you - too big or too small. Ask yourself why you are holding onto it? If you are on a health journey box it up with a date that you anticipate being able to wear them again. Most of the time we will purchase new items when we are where we desire to be and holding onto to something for 10yrs (unless it is vintage) is not realistic.

  • out anything that is tired, worn out and in need of repair. If it needs repairing, ask your self if you actually will, either by repairing it yourself or send it to a dress maker. Otherwise it needs to go.


Editing what's left into 3 areas

  1. The clothes you actually wear and feel good in.

  2. The clothes you never wear because if you are honest you either don't like them or don't like the way you feel in it or look in it. We all have these. Mostly we hang onto them because... well... we spent money on them. But the funny things is we don't get them money back by holding onto it and not wearing it, we are best off selling it or giving it away.

  3. Then there's what's left - the 'I'm not sure about this'. Sometimes it can be because we don't know how to wear it. It no longer serves our lifestyle. We are unsure if we like it. We like it but it's uncomfortable to wear. Or it no longer reflects us at our best either because we've grown and changed in taste or our bodies have change with life.

If the clothes are uncomfortable they are unlikely to become more comfortable with time and they should probably go as with clothes that no longer reflect who you are or serve your lifestyle.

That leaves us with the clothes we are unsure how to wear.

This is where we play, mixing and matching with the clothes you love, collating outfits, using Pinterest as inspiration of how to put different things together. This is how you start to build a wardrobe that you love and feel good it. Don't forget to accessories, jewellery, scarves, handbags and shoes.

NOTE: Don't forget to take photos of the outfits you collate. I have done this before and NOT taken photos and inevitably on Monday morning or under pressure - I've forgotten.


"Every single centimeter needs to be organised efficiently to allow you to think clearly and breathe freely through your dressing regime. Remove clutter and start arranging the speced to deliver you effortless outfitting"

- Kristen Todd, Style Sessions

  • Hang most items, felt coat hangers are best.

  • Hang them in categories e.g. pants with pants, skirts with skirts, long sleeve shirts together etc.

  • Then hang them in colour, most people say from dark to light but whatever is going to work best for you.

  • Fold jumpers, DON'T HANG, hanging these will create stretch and ruin your amazing jumper.

  • Have your shoes and accessories easy to see and stored well so they remain in good condition.

TIP: Keep a basket or box nearby, if your not wearing something throwing it in the basket, if you never get it at the end of the season then it's not something you are wearing or like so it can go.

All this is a process that takes time but it's something that will simplify your dressing process and in the long term save both time and money as you begin to narrow in on your personal style. So set aside a date night with yourself and get ready to edit.

And of course if this process is too daunting to do on your own Simply Style is here to help. We will walk through this process together and at the end you will have a portfolio of collated looks created from your own wardrobe as well as any suggestions to fill the 'gaps'.

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