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One of the things that breaks my heart is when I here stories of women who have their unique sense of style crushed by comments, sometimes from 'well intended' friends' but has left them feeling less than. Instead of shining their beautiful and unique personality through their sense of style - they hide away, not just their style but personality too.

Style, I believe, is soo much more than what you wear but often a reflection of who you are and how you feel about yourself.


As a creative person I've often said that dressing myself is an expression of my creativity - my canvas if you like. And I think it is the same for many people. But so often we feel we must conform to the voices of trends, fashion and sometimes people. Don't get me wrong - personally I like fashion trends too, but not when they are in conflict with my style. We dress best when we dress in a way that helps us to shine.

There are certain things we can do that compliment and enhance our natural shape but occasionally that is at odds with dressing in a way that represents US and our style personality.

We can do 2 things here -

  1. Look at ways that combine our best fit with our style personality e.g. if you love boho/hippie style and have a curvy hour glass figure, look for elements that compliment your shape and yet is flowy and carefree


2. Find something you LOVE and wear it anyway knowing it reflects you.

You are much more likely to look and feel confident and true when you wear what you love and is your style personality than if you wear the 'perfect complimentary' styled outfit but that isn't you. When you do that, often you will spend the whole time tugging and pulling, feeling out of place and generally less than.

I'm always inspired by women who dress in a way that is true to them. Women like Iris Apfel, Diane Keaton, Maggie Tabberer, Jenny Kee, Ines de la Fressange, Victoria Bekham, Katherine Hepburn and any of the women on the Advanced Style Instagram feed. I may not dress like them (it's not my style personality) but they inspire me with their freedom to dress in a way that is true to themselves - whether or not what they wear is 'fashionable' and by doing so these women all shine their best selves.


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