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What and Who is Simply Style

Simply Style is about equipping women to realise their OWN uniquely beautiful style.

It is about making getting dressed simple, in a way that enables YOU to shine.

About editing and restyling what you already own to collate a closet that works for YOU, and about knowing that the next purchase will be right for both you and your closet.

While I've spent time working in retail, with community women's groups and a Personal Style Training graduate, the best experience has come from life. 

Observing, learning from others, engaging in styling others and my own self.

I've seen and experienced change in my own body and know first hand the challenges that go with styling through those changes.  From my teens to adulthood, having children to career development, through illness and injuries and the ever present constant hormonal changes that we women experience - I know how disorientating these changes can leave us.

We are left with questions about how to dress now, how do I style to MY best self - the person I am today.  I am not the same person I was 10 years ago and my style should reflect that.  How do we get out of the rut of same old same old everyday that leaves us feeling flat, dull and even a little 'frumpy'.

My desire is that together we will uncover and give permission for the beautiful, uniqueness of YOU to radiate.

Because style should be simple!

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