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......because Style should be Simple

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This is about encouraging women to uncovered their best Styled self....about learning to shine no matter their season of life.

It's about equipping women with the tools and knowledge that will empower you to dress to your best beautiful self, shape, personality and lifestyle.

And it's about enabling women to shop with insight and confidence, selecting the right pieces to add to their wardrobe, saving time, money and stress.

Because I believe that all women should shine their best beautiful self and that our wardrobe should not be a thing that holds us back from showing up with confidence and freedom to be our unique selves.

If you are feeling like your in a style slump, not shining your best self and would like to know if this is for you, I'd love to chat. So contact me below.

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Be You Style

One of the things that breaks my heart is when I here stories of women who have their unique sense of style crushed by comments,...


This is one of the most valuable things you can do for making style simple and now that winter is truly here it's the perfect time. This...

HOW TO.....

......look more stylish without changing your outfit! Ever wondered how some women just look stylish without seeming to put much effort...

What is Style?

May it would be easier to start with what style is not:- it is NOT about going out and buying the latest 'trend' it is NOT about an...

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South Coast, NSW

0423 802 616

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Before my styling sessions with Kris,  I was literally wearing the same thing, or a very close variation, everyday.  It was boring.  I felt blah.

After my sessions with Kris, I'm wearing something different every day.  Clothes from storage that I didn't know how to wear previously, now make up my outfits.  She educated me on dressing for me and everything that entailed.

I finally enjoy choosing an outfit, mixing and matching and tweaking to suit me and my body!  Worth its weight in gold!  If you're feeling stuck, I highly recommend booking in a session with Kris.  Life's too short for boring!  #noregrets!

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